Sunday, October 4, 2009

Departure Day

I will be heading to Sydney international airport in a couple of hours on my way to Kyiv (Kiev in the old spelling). My journey will have three stages: Sydney to Bangkok (9 hours 25 minutes), Bangkok to Vienna (10 hours 40 minutes), and Vienna to Kyiv (2 hours). I will arrive in Kyiv about 1.30 pm tomorrow (local time). I will spend the remainder of the day resting, and then head off for Pavlysh the following day. I am not sure how much internet access I will have, but will try to post new information as the trip progresses.

If you notice some changes to the appearance of this blog, it will be thanks to some help from my friend Paul Howson, who is a designer. He helped prepare my book "Each One Must Shine" for publication, and has considerable experience in web site development. He kindly offered to tweak the settings on my blog, so that it would be a little easier to read and would fit on the screen better. It was Paul who encouraged me to start this blog, as a way of introducing more people to Sukhomlinsky's work.

If any students from Beauty Point Public School (where I teach) are following this blog, they might like to use Google Maps or Google Earth to look up Bangkok, Vienna, Kyiv and Pavlysh. A Google image search will bring up pictures taken in these places. I am adding a new photo of Sukhomlinsky's school at the foot of this blog. I found it using a Google image search.

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